Please review this information before you apply.

Please keep your bus pass from the previous school year!

Applications must be submitted every school year. Once the Division Office has received an application, your PowerSchool account will be invoiced with the corresponding transportation fee. Each eligible student who has applied is issued a personalized bus pass. Bus passes will be available for pick up at the division office in August before the school year starting for those requiring a new pass. If you apply during the school year, the pass will be sent to the school.

Routes are created from applications received by June 30. Individuals submitting applications after June 30 will be required to access a stop that already exists. Stops will not be added to routes after June 30.

Transportation information is available at 780.460.3712 or

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Pickup / Dropoff Location
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Does the student have any medical conditions that the bus driver should be aware of?
Does the student have any additional information that the bus driver should be aware of?
Bus Safety Rules

Click here to download the Bus Safety Rules.

I have received a copy of the safety rules and will review them with my child.

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